[Bastardo Electrico | 10/02/17]


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[Death Techno Podcast | November 2016]


“Strap in for a raw ride courtesy of Irish Techno veteran Lee Holman. Pounding out some fresh vinyl cuts with a rough and ready sound is the |DE|MAR|CATION| label boss, with his productions landing on imprints such as Children of Tomorrow, Ressort Imprint, Modular Expansion, CLFT and Dyad to name a few. This storming exclusive includes tracks from Donato Dozzy, Tensal, Kamikaze Space Programme, Farceb, PVS, Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems and many more…”
Tracklist :
01. DONATO DOZZY : ritmica [Spazio]
02. TENSAL : cause 2 [PoleGroup]
03. DONATO DOZZY : techtresor [Spazio]
04. TENSAL : effect 2 [PoleGroup]
05. BACKYARD ALIENS : whatever they say I am [I/Y]
06. KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME : type 2 [Vanta Series]
07. KEVIN DE VRIES : time traveler (Farceb Remix) [Extrasolar]
08. DOLD : 46-2 [Arsenik]
09. PUNCTUM : transeat [Fides]
10. ARTHUR KIMSKII : simple enough to come true [LAG]
11. PVS : kp4 [Key Vinyl]
12. KUF : b2 [Arsenik]
13. LEE HOLMAN : marc02 [|DE|MAR|CATION|]
14. LEE HOLMAN : instructional [Orbis]
15. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : in from the day [Peacefrog]
16. AnD : the surface of last scattering (Zeitgeber Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
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[Spectral Rebel Podcast | September 2016]


01.Russ Gabriel – Marc02 [DE|MAR|CATION]
02.Mono Junk – I’m Okey [Tresor]
03.Lee Holman – Reconaissance [Raw Waxes]
04.Peter Van Hoesen – P2ME [UFO]
05.Robert Hood – Master Jack [Dekmantal]
06.Peter Van Hoesen – Duet Dub [UFO]
07.Club M.C.M. – M.C.M. [TRAX]
08.Cristian Vogel – Don’t Take More (Jamie Lidell remix) [Tresor]
09.Joe Farr – For the Essence [RAAR]
10.Jasper – (unknown promo track) (Oliver Ho remix) [Delay]
11.Joe Farr – No Secret [RAAR]
12.Lee Holman – Urbanite [Orbis]
13.Zadig – Marc02 [DE|MAR|CATION]
14.Lee Holman – Instructional [Orbis]
15.Lee Holman – One Man Army [Raw Waxes]
16.Dyad – Marc02 [DE|MAR|CATION]
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[Freedom Trip | Changsha | China]


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[Footprint | Shanghai | China]


Upcoming season at Footprint, China. See you all there…

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[Upcoming Dates & Asia Tour]


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[Bastardo Electrico 14th Birthday | Cork]


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[Suicide Circus Berlin | 23/09/16]


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[Techno Fridays Cork | 09/09/16]


Techno Fridays B2B with Jamie Behan, Cypress Avenue, Cork.14191926_10157384024305261_1156907016758218980_n

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|DE|MAR|CATION| Marc02 now available including tracks from Russ Gabriel, Zadig, Dyad and myself. Limited white cut, no repress.
Support by  Boris, Ben Sims, Kirk Degiorgio, Jeroen Search, Dan Curtin, Philippe Petit and more…
Available from :
Deejay : http://www.deejay.de/DMC002_-_Various_Russ_Gabriel_Zadig_Lee_Holman_Dyad_-_Marc02_-_Vinyl__221276
Decks : http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-marc02/c7v-h3
Technique : http://technique.co.jp/item/142081,DMC002.html
Juno : http://www.juno.co.uk/products/russ-gabriel-zadig-lee-holman-marc-02/617059-01/


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