[Chengdu & Chongqing | China | July | 2018]

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[Slam | Rinse FM | Eagles in a Cage (DMT015)]

Finishing out their set, Techno Legends ‘Slam’ include ‘Eagles in a Cage’ from my EP on Decision Making Theory (DMT) in their latest mix for Rinse FM.  Check out their stunning techno mix  : Thanks Slam!
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DMT015 | Provider EP | JUNO Review.

Juno Review:
‘Lee Holman has been leading the Irish techno scene since the late ’90s, with his uncompromising underground ethos. Performing both as a DJ and a live act, his releases have appeared on labels such as Another Earth, Orbis and CLFT in recent times. Not to mention founding the Kawl Imprint, with its aim to provide diversity in techno. His new release on Philippe Petit’s Decision Making Theory sees Holman on point as always, with these powerfully effective DJ tools that respectfully take their cues from the legendary Axis/Purposemaker sound. From the austere “Provider” with its mesmerising chime melody, the hypnotic “Disarmament” supported by mental and ethereal elements or the deep sonar transmission of “Eagles In A Cage” geared for those ‘heads down’ moments. All in all, these are all surefire weapons for the most clandestine of warehouse parties.’

Buy : https://www.junodownload.com/products/lee-holman-provider-ep/3690004-02/
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[Provider EP | Decision Making Theory | (DMT)]

‘After his fantastic acid bomb ‘Carve’, released in 2014 as the opener of DMT 004, Lee Holman finally comes back to the label with a full E.P. And yes, if you know Lee, you know it is going to be analog-infected!
The vinyl opens with ‘Provider’, an in-your-face techno attack with a directly recognisable synth-line and some heavy claps that will drive you insane. ‘Disarmament’ takes us in much deeper territory, with some beautiful pads opening up through the track, while the a reverberated layer of percussion keeps the dancer on his toes. ‘Breaking the Code’ brings in the acid, while the track bleeps away to eternity, taking us further into Lee’s dark universe. The E.P. finishes with ‘Eagles in a Cage’, a beautiful introspective piece of ambient music.’
Title: Provider E.P.
Label: Decision Making Theory
Catalogue: DMT 015
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release Date: 2nd March 2018
Mastering: Mathieu Berthet
Distribution: www.vinylfuture.com
A1 – Provider
A2 – Disarmament
B1 – Breaking the Code
B2 – Eagles in a Cage
Support from Luke Slater, Slam, Dan Curtin, DJ S2 (Santiago Salazar), Krenzlin, Albert van Abbe, Benales, MZR, Cassegrain, Brendon Moeller, Ben Gibson, Ausgang, Insolate, Leghau, Mental Resonance, Mode 1, Viers, Joaquin Ruiz, Dying, DJ Spider, Kereni, Zadig, Nastia, Sev Dah, Matrixxman, Pascual, Arnaud le Texier, Nima Khak, James Johnson, Marco Lenzi, Steve Cop, Roberto Ingram, Non Reversible, Francois X, Unbalance, Jon Hester, Johannes Volk, Fabrice Lig, Dave Miller, Angel Molina, Etapp Kyle etc…
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[Stay Ready | Singular Records]

The Various Artists EP is now out on Marcelus’ Singular Records. My track ‘Stay Ready’ appears alongside the great Insolate, Simone Gatto and Mary Velo.
In all good Record Shops online and in your locality.
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[Terminal | Lyon | France | 29.12.2017]

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[Resonance | Leeds | 01.12.2017]

|DE|MAR|CATION| label night for Resonance @ Mint Club | Leeds.

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[Waterford | 08.07.2017]

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[Invite’s Choice Podcast | 2017]

My second and next contribution to the Invite’s Choice Podcast Series…. Enjoy!
Tracklist :
01.Scanner | Eros | Bitten by The Black Dog | [De:Tuned]
02.BNJMN | Hadal Zoner | [Tresor]
03.Mike Nylons | Eau de Toilette | [Farbwechsel]
04.Parassela | Track 2 | [Restoration]
05.Acronym | Submarine k-221 | [Dimensional Exploration]
06.A Sagittariun | Kobait | [Elastic Dreams]
07.Herwig Maurer | Aqua (Primary Lifeform) | [Telepathic]
08.Mystic Bill | Frequency 9 | [Crimes of the Future]
09.Acronym | It Lives Below | [Dimensional Exploration]
10.Herwig Maurer | Electric Unicorn | [Telepathic]
11.Jeroen Search | Presentism | [Warm Up]
12.Doug Cooney | BIAS | Lee Holman Remix | [RLSD]
13.Jeroen Search | Time Loop | [Warm Up]
14.Phase | Submerged Metropolitan | [Token]
15.Developer | Orbiter | [Olympian]
16.Lee Holman | Instructional | [Orbis]
17.Stephen O’Mahoney | Contagion | Lee Holman Remix | [Shelter]
18.Umwelt | Slave to the Rave | [Rave or Die]
19.Parassela | Track 1 | [Restoration]
20.Pink Floyd | On the Run | [Parlophone]
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[Deadly Persuer | Cassegrain Remix | the29nov films Video]

the29nov films | Lee Holman | Deadly Persuer | Cassegrain Remix | [Raw Waxes]

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