[Class Warfare EP | Knotweed Records]

Support from Brendon Moeller, Albert van Abbe, Laurent Garnier, Sebastian Bayne, Myles Sergé, Roberto Bosco, Efdemin, Mode_1, Krenzlin, Mental Resonance, Nastia, Arnaud le Texier, Zreik, Jeroen Search, Giordanø, Dr Motte, Sev Dah, Mattias Fridell, Dax J, Viers, Angel Molina, Noncompliant, Gonzalo MD and more…
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2JYSjZi
Deejay.de: bit.ly/2SwFaco
Juno: bit.ly/2GkGE4L
Decks: bit.ly/2LTxC3d
HHV: bit.ly/2OuvmRM
Red Eye Records: bit.ly/2SE2wwY
Discopiu: bit.ly/2OdHMNK
Discogs: bit.ly/2LBcxKE
Techno Import: bit.ly/2yJYSIA
Spacehall (Berlin)
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2JYSjZi
Junodownload: bit.ly/2SvMYLH
‘Long time friend and DMT contributor Lee Holman delivers a deep, atmospheric, dreamy and bewitching three-tracker for Knotweed. Lee explores the inner depth of his synthesizers and drum machines to come up with some heavy layered pieces of techno.’
Released Tuesday 30th July 2019 | Class Warfare EP | Knotweed 034.
Artist: Lee Holman
Title: Class Warfare E.P.
Format: 12” Vinyl
Catalogue Number: KW034
Release Date: 30 July 2019
Mastering: Mathieu Berthet Mastering
Distribution: www.vinylfuture.com
A – Class Warfare
B1 – Shifting Axis
B2 – Primary System
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