[Class Warfare EP | Juno Review]

Thanks to Juno who review my latest EP on Knotweed Records.
“Irish DJ/producer Lee Holman appears for French imprint Knotweed proper, first making his impression on sister label Decision Making Theory (DMT) with the Provider EP last year. The Kawl chief is in fine form on “Class Warfare” nailing that majestic Purposemaker vibe of old with hypnotic chiming melodies but with the added fury of broken beats beneath. Holman really finds his own sound on the next cut “Shifting Axis” which was our definite favourite of the bunch. This dreamy and evocative journey takes in the best of hypnotic techno and IDM and has potential for crossover appeal. Finally, Holman gets back to the program on the grinding cyclicality of “Primary System” fuelled by a Robert Hood style monosynth bassline, ethereal pads and austere rhythm work.”
Juno Download Link : https://www.junodownload.com/products/lee-holman-class-warfare/4208195-02/?fbclid=IwAR3LxWcL6IqJ3WL-pzAz-MalbxzX6ARaXkJrcmw5rkMeb6O3FGFWXg47-Rc


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