[Death Techno Podcast | November 2016]


“Strap in for a raw ride courtesy of Irish Techno veteran Lee Holman. Pounding out some fresh vinyl cuts with a rough and ready sound is the |DE|MAR|CATION| label boss, with his productions landing on imprints such as Children of Tomorrow, Ressort Imprint, Modular Expansion, CLFT and Dyad to name a few. This storming exclusive includes tracks from Donato Dozzy, Tensal, Kamikaze Space Programme, Farceb, PVS, Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems and many more…”
Tracklist :
01. DONATO DOZZY : ritmica [Spazio]
02. TENSAL : cause 2 [PoleGroup]
03. DONATO DOZZY : techtresor [Spazio]
04. TENSAL : effect 2 [PoleGroup]
05. BACKYARD ALIENS : whatever they say I am [I/Y]
06. KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME : type 2 [Vanta Series]
07. KEVIN DE VRIES : time traveler (Farceb Remix) [Extrasolar]
08. DOLD : 46-2 [Arsenik]
09. PUNCTUM : transeat [Fides]
10. ARTHUR KIMSKII : simple enough to come true [LAG]
11. PVS : kp4 [Key Vinyl]
12. KUF : b2 [Arsenik]
13. LEE HOLMAN : marc02 [|DE|MAR|CATION|]
14. LEE HOLMAN : instructional [Orbis]
15. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : in from the day [Peacefrog]
16. AnD : the surface of last scattering (Zeitgeber Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
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