[Clubbing Guide New York | Interview + Mix]

New Mix and Interview for Clubbers Guide New York.
Accessible here :
Tracklist :
01.Fred P | Perspective [Ferox]
02.Jeff Mills | Entering(The Crystal Universe)[Axis]
03.Jeff Mills | Phantom Stars [Axis]
04.Rich Jones | Fad Arc [Rohmaterial]
05.Tripeo | Kuebiko [Clone Basement Series]
06.Jeroen Search | Flames [Search Archives]
07.Chris Colburn | Flavour A [Rohmaterial]
08.Tripeo | Qwerty [Clone Basement Series]
09.Robert Hood | Untitled Sketch [M-Plant]
10.Rodhad | Huamea [Token]
11.Myles Sergé | Shapeshifting [Pushmaster Discs]
12.Surgeon | Dry [Dyanmic Tension]
13.Jay Clarke | The Chase | Joe Farr Rmx [BlackAxon]
14.Spherical Coordinates | SCPAA 24 [PoleGroup]
15.Milkplant | Dimension 4 | Rmx [From 0-1]
16.Ekserd | Hidden Document 2 | Svreca Rmx [Ressort]
17.The Plant Worker | Zoetrope [Quant]
18.Secluded | Blocked | Subjected Rmx [Sleaze]
19.Niereich | Placebo Effect [Micro Fon]
20.Absent | Center of the Empty [Modular Expansion]
21.TPWTX4 | 2 [Black Series]
22.TPWTX4 | 1 [Black Series]
23.Tunnel | From the earth rising | Submerge Rmx [Etichetta Nera]
24.Tunnel | Returning | Lee Holman Rmx [Etichetta Nera]
*At one or two points the recording skips due to an issue with soundcard.
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