[Modular Expansion Podcast]


The Modular Expansion Podcast which was aired on Cannibal Radio last week is now available. Enjoy!
Tracklist :
01.Adrian Rodd | Since 1990 | Mussen Rmx [Vibe Me]
02.Hubot | Another World [Weekend Circuit]
03.Developer | Hold It Down [Pole Group]
04.Hubot | Eckograph [Weekend Circuit]
05.Alien Rain | Acid Rain 1 [DeepSound Channel]
06.Energun | Mutation of the Genome [Affin]
07.Antonio De Angelis | Unlocking | Lee Holman Remix [Translucent]
08.Developer | Western Ways | Oscar Mulero Remix [Warm Up]
09.Jonas Kopp | M31 [Pole Group]
10.Lee Holman | Carve [DMT]
11.Robert Hood | Alarm [M-Plant]
12.Mike Storm | Unconnected [Orbis]


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