[Invite’s Choice Podcast]


Here is my Invite’s Choice Podcast. Enjoy!
“The 146th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice!
This week with guest: Lee Holman
The pre-final show for November. Lee Holman has not been a guest on the show before and was originally scheduled for 2014, but due to some shifts in the calendar, he’s here now!
Holman’s put out an impressive number of tracks that I’ve been playing for quite a while. He’s released on labels like Mowar, Modular Expansion, Gynoid, Snapshot and Translucent. Many are set to follow in 2014!
His IC podcast is a welcome and wonderful addition to the series. Lee proves his vision on techno is a fine one, enjoy!”
01.Marcel Fengler|Break Through[Ostgut Ton]
02.Hans Bouffmyhre|Deep Space[Sleaze]
03.Annie Hall|DSM-5[Detroit Underground]
04.Hans Bouffmyhre|Deep Space[Sleaze]
05.Chevel|Air Is freedom[Non Series]
06.Shlømo|Here|Conforce Rmx[Taapion]
07.Elon|Mooncaper|Avatism&Clockwork Remix[Resolute]
09.Avadon|Avni001|George Apergis Rmx[Modular Expansion]
10.Hunab&Jorge Bule|Environments[Apparent Horizon]
11.The Clover|Jungle Man[Bosconi]
12.Alex Under|Fidelis Nunca Perde[Soniculture]
13.Tony Moreno&2Vilas|Twelve[Wet Cellar]
14.Brendon Moeller|Machiavellian Impulse[Pomelo]
15.Pierre Deutschmann|One true Zero|Dammern Rmx[BluFin]
16.Antonio DeAngelis|Impresseur[Affin]
17.Dan Curtin|Got me Something|Trus’Me Rmx[Holic Trax]
18.Mod3rn|Mo 2[Mod3rn]
21.Dyad|Interface Our Master
22.Raiz|Cored 2[VRV]
23.Aubrey|Centrifuge Azul[Theory]
24.Hans Bouffmyhre|Dominator[Sleaze]
25.Fundamental Interaction|Regulation|Lee Holman Rmx[CLFT]
26.Avadon|Avni001|Unam Zetineb Rmx[Modular Expansion]
27.Birth of Frequency|The Hand of the Sage|[Children of Tomorrow]
28.Myles Sergé|Cavity Creeps|Plural Vengance Rmx[RE(FORM)]
29.Ritzi Lee|Detect Signal[Belief System]
30.Floorplan|Higher|Ben Sims Rmx
31.Alex Bau|Diversions[Affin]
33.Hans Bouffmyhre|Flash Mode[Sleaze]
34.David Meiser|Know your Roots[Darkfloor Sound]
35.Unam Zetineb|Presage[Affin]
37.Nehuen/Nick Hook|How ya’ll Feelin[Cklassicworks]
38.DDD|Siula Grande[Furtrade]
More Info :  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Invite/119580201423507
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