[Sub:Terranea Podcast]


Delighted to do this podcast for the Sub:Terranea crew from York, England. Tracks from Patrick Skoog, Ben Sims, Jonas Kopp, O4LM, Luis Ruiz, Fundamental Interaction, Philippe Petit, Myles Sergé, Kaelan and more…
Check out Sub:Terranea here :


Tracklisting :
Intro | Patrick Skoog | Radio Emissions[Third Ear]
01.Myles Sergé | Distorted Reality | Lee Holman Rmx[(MS)]
02.Kaelan | Track 2 |Lee Holman Rmx[For Pleasure]
03.Myles Sergé | Cavity Creeps | Developer Rmx[Re:Form]
04.Fundamental Interaction | 1995 | Aubrey Endarkement[CLFT]
05.Klartraum | Kazantrip | D.Diggler Live Dub[Lucidflow]
06.04LM | Habstars | Oswld Rmx[Kumquat]
07.Luis Ruiz | DNA From Sirius[Krill]
08.Hannu Ikola | Black Ingrained Dust[Etherwerks]
09.Luis Ruiz | DNA From Sirius | Reeko Rmx[Krill]
10.Ben Sims | Spectrum | Jonas Kopp Rmx[Theory]
11.PAS | Undertow |[Mote Evolver]
12.Fundamental Interaction | Regulation | Lee Holman Rmx[CLFT]
13.Philippe Petit | Rain[DMT]
14.Reeko | Force Carriers[Polegroup]
15.Tuomas Rantanen | Evening in Madagaskar[City Wall]
16.Ben Sims | Spectrum[Theory]
17.Reeko | Sex on Kepler | [Polegroup]
Outro | Patrick Skoog | Radio Emissions[Third Ear]


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