[The Forgotten EP | Birth]

Birth Logo
New EP upcoming on independent Italian label “Birth”, which is distributed by Re:Birth http://www.rebirthdistribution.com

Limited Vinyl | Release date: 16th July 2014.

“Here begins the journey for Birth which will lead to the discovery of different facets of the techno world. First stage of the trip is Ireland … The eclectic producer Lee Holman brings out The Forgotten Ep…”

BUY : http://www.juno.co.uk/products/lee-holman-the-forgotten-ep/535480-01/
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[Kaelan | Track 2 Remix]

Upcoming remix release for Kaelan on Italian label “For Pleasure” Records who have had artists such as Claudio Mate and Quantec.


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[Baphomet EP | Children of Tomorrow]


Arnaud le Texier “Baphomet EP” on Children of Tomorrow is available now! Includes remixes by Aiken and myself.
BUY : http://www.juno.co.uk/products/arnaud-le-texier-baphomet-ep/523438-01/
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Marcel Dettmann rocking Carve from DMT004!


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[Gynoid Audio 100 | Vinyl Edition]

Gynoid 100 Vol. 1
A1 | Advanced Human – Reincarnation
A2 | Lee Holman – Operative
B1 | Damon Wild – Lost Base
B2 | Monix – Kitt.on
Order Vinyl: http://www.deejay.de/Gynoid_Audio-Gynoid_100_Vol_1__141932
“Gynoid Audio, one of the few female labels around, started her course in 2010. She’s now one of the most prolific labels when it comes to a variety of functional Techno, with focus on drive, mood, dirt and depth. The amount of well-established veterans (both old and new) who released or remixed for the label, or newcomers who saw their career start on Gynoid, is impressive. It also describes why its one of the most charted labels in it’s field of operation. To celebrate the mains series 100th release and the continuance of the label we decided to preset a massive VA compilation spanning over three releases. Here is a limited vinyl press of the first volume from the 100th compilation.”
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[Various Artists | One Off ]

BUY : http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-of01/c2u-n8
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[Minthe Remix - Modular Expansion]


New release on Modular Expansion.
“The forthcoming George Apergis VS Alex Retsis release “Minthe”, that features amazing remixes from techno meisters Dave Tarrida, Lee Holman and Davide Dez. Mastered by Alex Retsis, artwork by ミスター五
BUY : http://www.beatport.com/release/minthe/1259318
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[SAWFest mini Documentary]

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[One Off Release]

Now available exclusively to decks.de – Lee Holman, Aubrey Saei, Myles Sergé and Philippe Petit on One Off. Strictly Limited, grey marbled vinyl. No digital, No repress!
Order your copy here : http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-of01/c2u-n8
Support from : Surgeon, Dettmann, Technasia, Kr!z, Dan Curtin, Fabrice Lig, Russ Gabriel, Jeroen Search, Invite, Dustin Zahn, Cassegrain, Session Restore, Fundamental Interaction, Ben Gibson, Thomas Hessler, Raiz, Life Recorder + more…
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[Gynoid Audio 100 Vol.1]

“Gynoid Audio 100 Vol.1″ is out this week exclusively on JUNO Download, featuring BRAND NEW tracks by Gynoid artists to celebrate the labels 100th Anniversary release. Including tracks from Damon Wild, 88UW, Monix, Aubrey, Kristian Heikkila, Wata Igarashi, Mary Velo, Patrick Gil, Advanced Human and myself.
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