[Resolute @ Loftas | Vilnius 22|05|15]


Playing for Resolute at Loftas, Vilnius, Lithuania this friday.  Also on the lineup, Dino Sabatini and residents Inner and Anna Hanna.
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[Various Beings EP | Ferox]


Upcoming on Ferox Records | Various Beings Ep | Russ Gabriel, John Shima, Miles Atmospheric and myself.
Sound Clips here :
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[Aubrey | Crimson Nebular Remix | Solid Groove]


Out now, Aubrey | “Crimson Nebular”, on the excellent Solid Groove Records.
“Aubrey is one of the pioneers of the house and techno sound and has been releasing solidly for over twenty five years now. Releasing through his co-owned Solid Groove label, the man’s Discogs catalogue is brimming with 4/4 quality. This time he returns to the label with “Nebular”, a minimalistic techno workout for Dettmanians and Klockians alike. The power tool is accompanied by a trio of remixes: Exos speeds things up and enters high-tech mode, deep house maestro Ed Davenport swings and vibes his way with a relatively more aggressive sound than usual, whereas Lee Holman goes for the pneumatic drill aesthetic a-la Bunker. Bombs be fallin”.
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[Sonotone | Strasbourg 20|03|15]


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[Tresor set | Part 1]

The first part of my set at Tresor 20/02/15.
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[Tresor | Berlin 20|02|15]


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[Tunnel | The Revenant EP | Remixes | Etichetta Nera]

Tunnel and “The Revenant EP” is now available on Etichetta Nera including remixes by Submerge and myself.
“The Revenant ep is destined to be in your gig bag for the foreseeable future.
Never content to rest on the success of their previous releases, techno’s working class heroes Tunnel, Submerge, and Lee Holman are hitting dark, hypnotic, and heavy with this 12″ release for Naples-based, Etichetta Nera. A Revenant has returned in tripartite form with a whisper on its lips…Bang.”
Support from : Kr!z, Cassegrain, NX1, Unbalance, Plural, Chris Liebling, Samuli Kemppi, Dave Clarke, Invite and more…
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[Bastardo Electrico Cork | 14|02|15]


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[Galway | 30|01|15]


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[Clubbing Guide New York | Interview + Mix]

New Mix and Interview for Clubbers Guide New York.
Accessible here :
Tracklist :
01.Fred P | Perspective [Ferox]
02.Jeff Mills | Entering(The Crystal Universe)[Axis]
03.Jeff Mills | Phantom Stars [Axis]
04.Rich Jones | Fad Arc [Rohmaterial]
05.Tripeo | Kuebiko [Clone Basement Series]
06.Jeroen Search | Flames [Search Archives]
07.Chris Colburn | Flavour A [Rohmaterial]
08.Tripeo | Qwerty [Clone Basement Series]
09.Robert Hood | Untitled Sketch [M-Plant]
10.Rodhad | Huamea [Token]
11.Myles Sergé | Shapeshifting [Pushmaster Discs]
12.Surgeon | Dry [Dyanmic Tension]
13.Jay Clarke | The Chase | Joe Farr Rmx [BlackAxon]
14.Spherical Coordinates | SCPAA 24 [PoleGroup]
15.Milkplant | Dimension 4 | Rmx [From 0-1]
16.Ekserd | Hidden Document 2 | Svreca Rmx [Ressort]
17.The Plant Worker | Zoetrope [Quant]
18.Secluded | Blocked | Subjected Rmx [Sleaze]
19.Niereich | Placebo Effect [Micro Fon]
20.Absent | Center of the Empty [Modular Expansion]
21.TPWTX4 | 2 [Black Series]
22.TPWTX4 | 1 [Black Series]
23.Tunnel | From the earth rising | Submerge Rmx [Etichetta Nera]
24.Tunnel | Returning | Lee Holman Rmx [Etichetta Nera]
*At one or two points the recording skips due to an issue with soundcard.
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